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Spice up your next Teams meeting with Whiteboard games

With the newly released updates to the Whiteboard web & teams app, there are 40 (& growing) templates that come with it and a whole other set of features like Reactions, Shapes & Backgrounds, all packed in a new User Interface. Whiteboard is waking up to the competition!


Templates are grouped under categories. I suppose the idea here is to help with narrowing-down the selection of templates based on the scenario. Among them is the category, “Games” — what’s more fun than games, eh!

Games, that can be ice-breakers in meetings or even a getaway from the marathon of meetings that we sit through these days.

At the time of writing this, there are two game templates “Choose your favourite” — where everyone writes their favourites as a way for everyone to guess who wrote it and that way get to know the team better; “Two truths, one lie” — where everyone writes two truths and one lie about themselves and everyone guesses the lie. Besides the game itself, this would be a fun way to learn how to use a Whiteboard tool, especially if you are looking to learn how to use a whiteboard tool.

With reactions and images, there is plenty of scope for some creative fun playing these games in the new Whiteboard.

So, how do you play?

In a meeting, let anyone share. Select Share > Select Microsoft Whiteboard. In the board, select Templates > select Games > Choose a template. The template then gets attached to the mouse cursor, click anywhere on the board to place it. Zoom in and start playing.

The templates have instructions on how to play the game. As a quick navigation tip: while moving across the board, hold down spacebar and click & drag to not accidentally move content on the board.

Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised to see participants can edit & play on the shared meeting board directly through the meeting window, without disrupting the flow of the meeting. This is a significant improvement to the Whiteboard!

So, go and have fun, playing games in the new whiteboard.

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